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Run aLung was created by the bravest 14 year old girl I know. She is my daughter Kayla Baker. Kayla’s dream had always been to run, but she was unable to run because she was waiting for a double lung transplant.

At age two Kayla was diagnosed with Undifferentiated Sarcoma. She underwent extensive chemotherapy and a gruelling 12-hour-long surgery to remove the tumour which had wrapped around her diaphragm, her heart and other vital organs. Following her recovery from surgery she was closely monitored by the oncology program at SickKids.  This is when Kayla, began a long relationship with SickKids Hospital. Kayla had become a young ambassador for The Hospital for Sick Children’s SickKids Foundation.  She was one of many young patients who appeared on a new fundraising video that can be seen on television and the internet for the Hospital for Sick Children, this video is set to the Roy Orison’s song, Anything You Want, You Got it.

Several years ago, her doctor was concerned about the colour of Kayla’s lips and referred her to the Respirology team at SickKids.  Pulmonary function tests revealed that Kayla’s lungs were functioning at only 50% of capacity.  She continued under their care and after a bout with the H1N1 flu a biopsy revealed that she had pulmonary fibrosis, a consequence of the chemotherapy she has received as a toddler.  Kayla learned thereafter that she would need a double lung transplant.

Kayla received a left-lung transplant on April 3rd, 2013 and unfortunately after a long battle and inspiring journey, she passed away on January 1, 2014. Together with friends and family, Susan Tremblett and the Run aLung committee continue to keep Kayla’s dream alive by bringing awareness towards organ donation and creating an indelible mark on The Hospital for Sick Children.

Kayla and her team of supporters have organized a 5km run/ 3km walk that will take place on Saturday May 28, 2016 in Cambridge on the Bob McMullen Trail. Kayla’s other mark, along with raising the $10,000.00 for the SickKids Foundations, was being the recipient of the gift of life.

Click here to register for the run and support Kayla with her dream to run!

Ways You Can Help
We need your help achieving Kayla’s dream of $10,000.00 for the SickKids Foundation.  Help us by providing us with either a donation of a gift of a cash/cheque/ credit card donation. Cash/Cheque donations can be made payable to SickKids Foundation care of Run aLung, and can be picked up by Kayla’s Mom Susan or mailed to 531 Mildred Street Cambridge Ontario, N3H 3Y2.

If you would like to make a credit card payment please visit.

Click Here to Make a Donation Directly to the Sick Kids Hospital
Click here to donate to the Kayla Baker Research award!

Any contributions you can provided will be greatly appreciated and would bring us that much closer to achieving Kayla’s dream.

A charitable receipt will be provided for any donation over $20.00.

Click Here to register to be a Organ / Tissue Donor

Thank you!


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